Of Mice and Radiation – Tech News Weekly 52

Chinese spy chips, Musk’s SEC woes

–1:54 Bloomberg Businessweek broke a major story alleging Chinese hacking of US-made motherboards and newrooms are split on the validity of the report. Iain Thomson from the Register talks about the payload, Apple and Amazon’s vehement denials, and what’s at stake.
–15:16 Dr. Kiki from This Week in Science describes the groundbreaking work that led to Physicist Donna Strickland becoming the third woman to win the Nobel Prize in physics.
–32:33 Elon Musk can’t keep himself out of trouble, and the SEC is requiring changes at Tesla as a result. Sam Abuelsamid from Navigant Research has ideas on who should replace him if he is forced to step down as CEO of the company.

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