Rare Video: Run-in of new technology in the US Naval Technology (LASER TECHNOLOGIES)# Part 3

MIlitary Update – Rare Video :Run-in of new technology in the US Naval Technology (LASER TECHNOLOGIES)# Part 3

Here’s what the US Navy will look like in the future

The US Navy of the future is going to look a lot more… automated.

(Video/Thumbnail Picture just For Ilustration)

Much like the rest of the military, the Navy is researching and developing new technologies that sometimes take humans out of the driver’s seat. That means everything from fully-autonomous ships to drones hiding deep under the ocean.

The Pentagon is investing heavily in anti-submarine warfare technology of the autonomous variety, which means the solutions will automatically search for subs without humans behind the wheel.

One ship TI saw recently in San Diego before it began sea trials is the “Sea Hunter.” It’s an Anti-submarine warfare continuous trail unmanned vessel (ACTUV), which stays on the surface and looks for subs.

Drones are usually associated with the Air Force, but the Navy is embracing them as well, most notably with the X-47B, an unmanned aircraft built for carrier operations.

The experimental drone can be used for surveillance and striking targets. It can also land and launch from an aircraft carrier, and refuel in flight.

Another drone the Navy and DARPA are working on is called Tern, which is a much smaller unmanned aircraft that will take off and land vertically.

Perhaps most notably with an electromagnetic railgun, currently in testing. Yes, the stuff of science fiction and video games is actually coming to a ship near you.

The plan for the EM railgun launcher, if implemented, is to have a gun capable of launching a projectile up to 100+ nautical miles at 4,500 mph. The average naval gun right now travels at a fraction of that distance and speed.

Read more here : https://www.businessinsider.com/navy-future-darpa-2016-5/?IR=T/#perhaps-most-notably-with-an-electromagnetic-railgun-currently-in-testing-yes-the-stuff-of-science-fiction-and-video-games-is-actually-coming-to-a-ship-near-you-12

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