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Lamkin’s state-of-the-art technology sets the bar in the grip market. Since 1925, Lamkin has left an enduring footprint on golf-grip innovation.

In 2010, Lamkin Grips introduced the revolutionary 3GEN technology to its grip line, a huge material advancement. This synthetic rubber compound not only dampens vibration, it stays tacky in all playing conditions. Golf Digest gave both the N-DUR 3GEN grip and the Performance Plus 3GEN grip Hot List gold ratings. In 2011, Lamkin is offering now patent-pending 3GEN material in more grips, including Lamkins brand new R.E.L. grip (named after Robert E. Lamkin) and our E.B.L. putter series (named after Elver B. Lamkin.)

3GEN Material:

Lamkin Grip’s new proprietary 3GEN material – it’s a very unique synthetic rubber compound that’s both soft and tacky-provides unmatched “single-strike” vibration-dampening properties that protects a golfer’s hands and arm joints from jarring shockwaves. Used in other applications and industries, 3GEN mutes virtually all vibration and stinging of the hands at impact, providing an incredibly soft feel. The material maintains a high level of tackiness and can be easily wiped for a fresh feel and excellent traction. And unlike competitors’ soft polyurethane grips, 3GEN is a form of synthetic rubber that has very low torque – similar to that of a traditional rubber grip-and will not feel as if it’s sliding around the golf shafts at impact. That firmness lasts throughout the life of the grip. 3GEN also features a vastly improved resistance to environmental aging and weathering factors. The material will not absorb any moisture and its tackiness is activated by toweling off the grip or using a light abrasive brush. It continually performs better if it’s cleaned regularly.

Lamkin Golf Grips:


The revolutionary 3GEN proprietary synthetic rubber compound is paired with N-DURs traction-enhancing dual surface design to create the most advanced grip on the market today. The hexagon-patterned back panel promotes light tension and protects hands from twisting at impact while the front comfort panel reduces fatigue and promotes an ideal grip position to hit the ball longer with increased accuracy.

Performance Plus with 3GEN:

The latest revolution in golf components is here. 3GEN maximizes hand traction for a natural grip position. An enlarged grip profile works with 3GEN to improve overall comfort and stability. End result: Hands marry together in a unified grip and produce stronger swings with a higher swing speed, more accuracy and less hand tension.


Lamkins #1 selling golf grips. The pattern is recognizable. The performance is unmistakable. Crosslines proprietary rubber compound adds tack and durability while the distinctive pattern increases handtraction and reduces torque for the ultimateperformance grip. A favorite among touring professionals, the Crossline Cord is layered with a soft cord fabric, adding maximum traction to this all-weather grip.

Perma-Wrap Series:

A favorite among golfers for over 15 years, the Lamkin Perma-Wrap combines serious durability and an exceptionally tacky feel in a traditional wrap-style grip.

Perma-Wrap Classic Series:

Offered in a variety of sizes to allow for a custom fit, the Lamkin Perma-Wrap Classic features a non-slip, moisture-retardant material. Simply wipe it down for a completely dry grip in any weather condition.

Putter Grips:

Ergonomically designed, Lamkin Putter grips give the exceptional feel that can make all the difference when it matters most. With proprietary patterns, innovative materials and both Paddle and Jumbo profiles, there is a grip for every golfer.

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